General Activity

CHIAVETTA is an engineering company that operates in the market for production equipment and industrial vehicles for the transport of goods in general and particularly for Road-Rail-Sea intermodal transport. The activity is centred on the following main lines of production: 

  • Industrial Body: Special Features.
  • Containers: UIC, CEN and ISO Containers and Swap Bodies.
  • Trailers and Semitrailers: Road, Intermodal, Fixed Container Carrying, Tipping Container Carrying, Heavy Transportations.
  • Discharging Systems: Motor Compressor Systems (Diesel or Electric) and Rotary Valve System for the discharge of granular products, bulk powder, Tipping Platforms for Containers.

All activities related to the production (design, prototypes, testing prototypes and products testing, manufacturing, marketing and consulting) are carried out within the Organization with its plant, machinery and equipment and the exclusive cooperation of its employees.

The layout of production, based on the maximum degree of flexibility of processes, can meet any particular requirement of Customers through the study and implementation of "mini-series" of products with particular devices and customizations to the smallest detail.

The overall activity of the Organization (from the Customer Agreement and until After-Sale Assistance) is subject to a continuous, rigorous and meticulous quality control. The system is divided into three complementary areas: 

  • Quality.
  • Safety.
  • Environment.

The Organization is holding special technical solutions (derived from internal research and development sector) covered by International Patent.