The Company

CHIAVETTA was founded in 1972 by Giovanni Chiavetta that, thanks to considerable experience in the field of road transport, has provided answers and innovative solutions to a variety of technical and production problems related to transport activities.

Initially, the production activities of the Company was directed to the construction of cells and vans for industrial trucks and preparation of the lorries by applying the third axis with elongation or shortening of the chassis. In particular, CHIAVETTA was among the first in Italy to introduce the technique of "cold nailing" to exchange the wheelbase of the chassis without making any cut of it. Furthermore several innovative solutions were produced (some patented) that have received international recognition (Torino 1979, Turin 1981).

The expansion of rail-road combined transport, the welcome received on the domestic market, the high degree of production flexibility suitable to provide special solutions to complex problems and needs of the end user, are the factors that led CHIAVETTA to address its facilities and resources so prevalent on the production and marketing of products for intermodal transport.

Today CHIAVETTA is among the producers reference regarding the design and manufacture of Special Containers and Trailers for intermodal transport. Among the many awards achieved over the years, we include:

  • 1996 - Award "Builders in the Limelight", awarded at the launch of Isothermal and Cooling Swap Body for transport under controlled temperature regime also for the field of the intermodal sector.
  • 2000 - Award "Builders in the Limelight", awarded at the launch of the Special 45'/13600 mm Swap Body to transport Coils.