IAA2016 Fair in Hannover (D) - Halle 25 C20

CHIAVETTA Containers & Trailer will wait for Your Visit at Halle 25 C20 for the World Premiere of the NEW Patented INFINITY Sliding and Tipping Container System Semitrailer that allows:

  • The road transportation of every kind of container (20 and 30 and 40 feet) always in balanced position to guarantee the perfect distribution of masses on the semitrailer by means of the sliding of the container along the chassis of the semitrailer.
  • The sliding of the container toward the back end of the semitrailer to permit the standard discharge or the discharge by tipping the container. The System is equipped and managed by a innovative sophisticated software that automatically check the distribution of the weights and, if necessary, correctly move the container over the semitrailer up to achieve the correct weight distribution.

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