Tipping Platforms


The system consists of a special platform that permit the tipping of containers in order to discharge powdery or granular and bulk goods in general, in the same way as a tipping container carrying semitrailer (so that it's also possible use a Rotary Valve System on ground).


Available in the following Configurations:

  • Fixed on ground.
  • Repositionable by by means of fork-lift truck.


Not Applicable.


Available in the following Models:

(PDF datasheets)
Description of the Model

Rear tipping of no.1 Container as follows:

  • N.1 Freight Container ISO: 20'.
  • N.1 Freight Container ISO: 30'.
  • N.1 Freight Container ISO: 40'.
  • N.1 UIC Swap Body Group: 40.
  • N.1 UIC Swap Body Group: 45.
  • N.1 UIC Swap Body Group: 96.