Bulk Containers


Rear Tipping Bulk Container for transport and rear tipping of powdery or granular and bulk goods in general.

Load through the roof hatches and trap doors on the front wall and/or back door, even through a pneumatic spear.

Transport of bulk with polyethylene bags (called "liner-bags).

Rear discharge by tipping by using special opening hatches and integrated into the rear door.

Used as a standard container van to transport general loads, including pallet (palletized version).

Railway Profile

Available in all Railway Profiles.


Not Applicable.


Not Applicable.


Available in the following Models:

(PDF datasheets)
Description of the Model
CBT2200-340T-11-255Length 6058 mm.
CBT2230-340T-11-255Length 7450 mm.
CBT4300-340T-13-255Length 9125 mm.
CBT4400-340T-13-255Length 12192 mm.
CBT4450-340T-13-255Length 13600 mm.