Slabs Holder


Slab Holder Structure for intermodal transport of slabs (sheet of glass, marble slab, compound fibre slab, etc.).

The Slab Holder Structure is a modular system: each module consists of two foldaway struts that disappear into suitable slots inside the base frame. Opportune connection bars between the struts, divisible by two and that can be put away in a lumber room into the platform, guarantee a security standard. Supports for slabs, with insertion guide on flat, are provided to permit to use forklift during loading and unloading operations.

With the Slab Holder Structure in "rest" position, the container can be utilized like a standard platform, suitable at loading various cargoes.

The units are stackable without limits: each platform can be fitted, with fold-away twist-locks, over the lower unit. If drop-sides exist, these latter can be positioned between each couple of units.


Not Applicable.


Not Applicable.


Available for the following Range of Containers: