Open Top Containers


Rear Tipping Open Top Container for transporting and tipping of powdery or granular and bulk goods in general (also under ADR/RID rules), with load through the top and unloading by means of rear tipping.

Railway Profile

Available in all Railway Profiles.


Available in the following Configurations: 

  • Standard.
  • Watertight for Sewage of Debris.
  • Full Inox Steel Structure.
  • Roll-off. 


Available with the following Features: 

  • Covering with Standard Tarpaulin.
  • Covering with Rolling Tarpaulin.
  • Covering with Sliding Tarpaulin.
  • Covering with Metal Roof (hydraulic opening system).
  • Anti-wear Steel Floor. 


Available in the following Models:

(PDF datasheets)
Description of the Model
COT200-340T-11-244Length 6058 mm.
COT200-340T-18-244Length 6058 mm.
COT240-340T-11-244Length 7820 mm.
COT300-340T-11-244Length 9125 mm.
COT400-340T-11-244Length 12192 mm.
COT450-340T-11-244Length 13600 mm.