Folding Drop-Sides


Folding Drop-Sides Structure for intermodal transport of every kind of cargoes.

The system permit to stack units (during the so-called "empty returns") without the necessity to dismount the drop-sides. These latter are fastened at the platform with a particular set of hinges (covered by International Patent) that permit an opening of the drop-sides both towards the inside and the outside of the flat.

This means a great economy for the reduction of the labor times to prepare the units for the stacking, as well as for the disappearance of the risk for thefts and damages at the edges. The system is also applied at front and rear walls.

The system permit the double opening of the drop-sides (that is standard opening and tipping opening): so that if the unit is loaded with powdery or granular cargoes, it can be tipped (both rear and side) by a Tipping Container Carrying Semitrailer.

The units are stackable without limits: each platform can be fitted, with fold-away twist-locks, over the lower unit.


Not Applicable.


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Available for the following Range of Containers: