Coil Containers


Coil Container for transport of goods packaged in Length.

The basins are integrated with the structure of the floor of the container so as to enable the transport of concentrate heavy loads. Each basin is equipped with special manhole cover to allow the transport of materials of various kinds (including pallet) with a plan fully walkable without projections.

The walls of the head (on demand) are folding type, allowing the stacking of unit loads without limits: each structure is anchored on the bottom with twist-lock retractable.

Railway Profile

Available in all Railway Profiles.


Available in the following Configurations: 

  • Standard.
  • Stackable.
  • Self-Standing (with supporting legs). 


Available with the following Features: 

  • Standard Curtain Structure.
  • Curtainsided Structure.
  • Sloping Curtain Structure with folding type head walls. 


Available in the following Models:

(PDF datasheets)
Description of the Model
CMPC200-360T-37-255Length 6058 mm.
CMPC220-360T-44-255Length 7150 mm.
CMPC300-340T-35-255Length 9125 mm.
CMPC450-340T-44-255Length 13600 mm.